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  • Assistant Bartender

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     Working in one of our restaurants means you have the skills and power to work under pressure, willing to learn new things and most importantly, know how to have fun!


    What we are looking for?

     We are looking for experienced assistant bartenders. This means you:    

    • Are 18 years or older
    • Have experience with tapping beer, making other drinks ready and have knowledge about different kinds of coffees
    • Know how to work hard
    • Can perform under pressureAre a team worker
    • Your English language is good (speaking is most important)
    • It’s a plus when you speak Dutch, German and/or Spanish


    Your responsabilities

     As an assistant bartender your responsibilities are:

    • Making softdrinks, coffees, beer and other drinks ready for the waiters/waitresses
    • Follow the instructions from the head bartender
    • Making sure the bar is refilled and clean at the end of the evening
    • Making sure the Mise en Place is ready every day
    • Know how to walk with a tray, in case of helping with the service.


    What can we offer you?

    We offer you a safe work environment with:

    • Lots of fun colleagues
    • Time to spend for fun and party
    • Stable and varied work
    • Healthy working hours (shifts are from 11:00am till 14:30pm, starting at 18:00pm again till closing time, or starting at 14:15pm till closing time)
    • Accommodation
    • Free lunch and dinner during work
    • Good salary every month
    • Good tips every week

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