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Season work in the sun

Get some more experience in hospitality
while working in the sun!

Get paid for having the best time of your life!

It´s not only about work… Enjoy your free time and discover the island, have a nice cocktail or get a tan by laying on the beach!

Join the family!

Start working in one of our four restaurants and add yourself to our happy, multinational family!

We take really good care of you

Full accomodation

When you arrive at Cala d’Or, you don’t have to worry about accommodation; everything will be arranged by us!

Fair payment

You will be payed a standard salary every month, depending on age, experience and how many days you work. On top of that, you will get tips every week!

Time to relax and party

It’s important to us that you feel happy and relaxed. For that, you will get enough time to explore the rest of Mallorca, spend some time on the beach which is only 5 minutes away, enjoy some nice cocktails or spend nights at bars! However we do hope you won’t drink too much…

Expert advice and knowledge

It’s important that you have at least little experience in hospitality, although we have enough experienced staff to help you further with everything!

Hospitality jobs at Toprestaurants

On this website, you can find all the job vacancies we have for our Toprestaurants in Cala d’Or, Mallorca.
Every year, we are looking for extra staff such as chef-cooks, cooks, dishwashers, bartenders, waiters/waitresses and barista’s.

In 1998, Toprestaurants opened their first steakhouse in Mallorca; The Taste of Texas. This restaurant is based in the middle of Cala d`Or centre an d known as a cosy and always busy place at the southeast coast of Mallorca.

2006, the second restaurant, the Pirate, opened across the streetbut offers a totally opposite menu. Instead of steaks and burgers, the Pirate is focused on tapas, pizza`s and pasta`s.
In 2014, Toprestaurants started another steakhouse. Old West is based in the harbour of Cala d`Or, only 15 minutes from the centre. This steakhouse has an amazing view from the harbour which looks almost enchanted at night.

For our staff we take the benefit that three of the four restaurants are located in the same street. This makes it fun and easy to work all together as one team or better one family. In this family you’ll find a lot of different nationalities and different ages.

Flexibility and willing to work hard as a team creates a tight family bond. We pick each other up, we help each other, we stand for each other, even when the work is done.

The motivation to make every summer the best one, for us and for our guests is our main goal. Having a little experience does give you a head start, but everybody is helpful to learn each other new things. Equality is what makes us a dream team.

Toprestaurants Jobs

Jobs at
Taste of Texas Cala d’Or

Jobs at
The Pirate Cala d’Or

Jobs at
Old West Cala d’Or

Not found your seasonal job yet?

If you are interested but you`re not available this summer or if you haven`t found your perfect seasonal job yet, feel free to send us your resume with your photo and motivation and maybe we can find something for you anyway!


Here are a few s stories from people who already worked in one of our restaurants before!

Hi there! My name is Carlijn van Vliet. I´m a Dutch 22-yearold and I started working in steakhouse `The Taste of Texas´ in June 2018. I stayed until the end of the season and I must say, it was the best summer of my life. Besides working hard throughout the summer, I had lots of time to explore the rest of the town and the island. I met a lot of amazing people, did a lot of great things and also learned a lot about work, social life and myself. Its really a good opportunity to find out who you really are and what you can achieve!

Carlijn van Vliet - the Netherlands

Ready for the seasonal job of your life? Send us your resume.

Available Job Vacancies

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