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  • It all started 21 years ago, in 1998, when we opened our first steakhouse in Mallorca; The Taste of Texas. It´s based in the middle of the centre of Cala d`Or; a small but cosy and always busy place at the southeast coast of Mallorca, Spain.

    In 2006, we opened our second restaurant across the street; The Pirate. This restaurant is the opposite of our first restaurant. Instead of steaks and burgers, this one is focused on tapas, pizza`s and pasta`s.

    8 years later, in 2014, we started another steakhouse, called Old West. This steakhouse is based in the harbour of Cala d`Or, only 15 minutes away from the centre. This steakhouse has an amazing view from the harbour with lots of yachts.

    And now this year, 2019, we will open our fourth restaurant; El Momento! This restaurant will be completely renovated and will be based in the same street as The Taste of Texas and The Pirate. This place will be the perfect place to enjoy some of our best tapas and cocktails! Besides that, this restaurant will have it`s own ice cream bar, with one of the best ice creams in town!

    Because of the fact that three of our four restaurants are based in the same street, it`s fun and easy to work all together as one team or as we say, as one family. Our family consists of a lot of different nationalities and different ages, but every single one of them is flexible and willing to work hard! We pick each other up, we help each other, we fight for each other (also after work)!

    We are all motivated to make every summer the best one, for us and for our guests. It`s important to have a little experience, but we are all helpful to learn each other new things. That´s what makes us a good and strong team; we are all equal.